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ATMAN D-nail Dab LED Smart Digital Power Vaporizer Essential Oil Vaporizer for Wax Concentrate

Atman LED E-Nail with Nectar Collector is a revolutionary device for every serious vaper.

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Product Details

Atman LED E-Nail with Nectar Collector is a revolutionary device for every serious vaper. It allows you precise temperature control over the heat of your nail, meaning that you can enjoy a more flavoursome, healthier vapour than ever possible before.

Titanium tip for the Nectar Collector. Available alone or in several packages. Compatible with all E-Nail 10mm heaters, though for the best fit we strongly suggest pairing with the E-Nail 10mm Nectar Collector heater.

This tip will only work with the Nectar Collector and not as a traditional nail in a standard glass rig. If you do not already own a Nectar Collector, check out the “Nectar Collector” as they are full setups with everything you need.

. Standard sizes available with various cross section

. Various Watt Density options available.

. Robust Design with Choice of Terminal Exits

. Available with built in Thermocouple

. Designed for even heat profile.

. Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzles & Manifolds.

. Highly Non-corrosive.

. Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.

. Advanced Thermal Engineering.

Sheath Material:Cr Ni-Steel/Kelvar
Insulation Material:MgO
Resistance Wire:Ni Cr 80-20
Maximum Sheath Temperature:700°C
Die Electrical Strength:800V A/C
Insulation:> 5 M W
Thermocouple: K type
Length Tolerance (Straight):5%
Wattage Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)
Resistance Tolerance:+ 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)
Unheated Length:35mm (Standard)
Dimensional Tolerance:Coil I.D + 0.1 to 0.2mm
Coil Length + 1mm

This Kit Includes:

1x enail insert into the pelic case

1x heater coil

1x 5.5ft power cable

1x 5 in 1 Titanium nail

1x carb cap