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ATMAN Four Piece Grinder for Herb Tobacco Weed Cannabis Flower

It is available in two finishes- golden orange, rose...

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Product Details

1. It is available in two finishes- golden orange, rose

2. Elegant and sturdy design, and with surprised sweety cowboy bag packing

3. High glass aluminium alloy material, you could rotate the cover easily,smoothly, softly even ith moist hands with trace

4. The standard size of grinder comes with two-side arc-shaped razor to grind your material to perfection.

5. With the 7075  grad aluminum, it will be very easy and smooth to use

6. ATMAN grinder feature drum tight stainless steel screen with a fine micron size, to make sure only pollen gets filtered not piece of tobacco

7. With neodymium magnet lid to keep tobacco, scent safely inside

8. Thanks to the 0.3mm distance from the up and down razor, ATMAN grinder ill never happen to block or low crush

This Kit Includes:

1x Atman Tobacco Grinder