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Analysis of thin film evaporator maintenance methods
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Thin-film evaporator reducer oil 40# motor oil, its oil volume should indicate a high degree. Too much oil will cause agitation and fever, eccentric shafts pump oil film breakdown too little oil and heat temperatures.

1) used in less than 1 month to replace two lubricants, lubricant 3-4 months later replaced.

2) after opening the low head, unscrew bottom of the u-shaped Groove of the rotor bolts, check the scraper scraper bars replace every four months.

3) opens the bearings at the end of every two months, check bearing wear and, if necessary, replace the bearings at the end of it.

4) according to the nature of material should be regularly with warm water or solvent soaking, cleaning the inner cylinder.

5) every month to the mechanical seal Chamber sealing liquid a sealing fluid for 20# machine oil.

According to the mixture separating two materials with different boiling points. Here, product separation in the thin-film evaporator mechanical thin film and high turbulence.

Dang stay processing material into scraping film evaporator Hou, first and rotor Shang of cloth device phase contact, and was uniform to distribution to within tube wall, then by first group scraping diaphragm accelerated and immediately in heating surface Shang formed (0.5~3.5mm) of liquid film; in each group scraping diaphragm front-end (II district) of fluid formed a Eddy, in heating surface and leaves top Department Zhijian clearance in of fluid was very Highland turbulent moving, and led to strongly heat transfer and biography quality, even high stick degrees products in this turbulent moving Xia produced high of hot passed coefficient.