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- Dec 28, 2016 -

The carburetor, is an industrial and domestic energy-saving equipment, gas is converted into gaseous liquid gases. Which involves lots of gas, for example: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, LCO2, and so on. And the carburetor is divided into many.

By heating method

1. direct heating method:

(1) the submerged combustion vaporizer: this vaporizer also produced in China. Is a fuel (such as kerosene, gasoline, and so on) generated from the combustion heat of liquid gas, which quickly converted into gaseous liquid gases gases of a carburetor.

(2) thermal conductivity of solids-carburetor: thermal conductivity of solids type Carburetors seemed to know less. Use explosion-proof electric heater for liquid gas indirect heating.

This is generally used to require a higher temperature when using a gas. Generally used in cold areas, can also be used in colder winter areas. See figure below.

2. indirect heating method:

(1) air-temperature Gasifier (also called air bath type vaporizer, natural ventilation and air-temperature carburetor air temperature carburetor)

Carburetor of the air temperature typically is made of aluminium tube with fins, when "cold" when liquid gas into the carburetor, carburetor with finned aluminum air tube around the cold liquid gas heat exchanger and the temperature will drop. Resulting in a flow of air, a new "hot" air into carburetor continued to occur around the new heat exchange.

Of course, this is an ideal State, virtually air-temperature Gasifier is placed outdoors, the wind will cooler air away. When the cloud, when there is no wind, we can get some aid to "artificial wind."

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