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Carburetor cleaning method
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Carburetor runs for a long time can cause the device clogged with scale, would increase efficiency, lower energy consumption, reduced life expectancy. If the scale cannot be cleared in a timely manner, it will face the risk of equipment maintenance, downtime and scrapping the replacement. Has long traditional of cleaning way as mechanical method (scraping, and brush), and high pressure water, and chemical cleaning (pickling), in on oxygen pressure machine cleaning Shi appeared many problem: cannot completely clear scale, deposition real, and on equipment caused corrosion, residues of acid on material produced two times corrosion or scale Xia corrosion, eventually led to replaced equipment, also, cleaning waste toxic, need large funds for wastewater processing. Enterprise high performance environmentally friendly cleaning agent can be used to avoid such situations, its efficiency, environmental protection, safety, corrosion-free, not only good cleaning effect and no corrosion to equipment, to ensure the long-term use of carburetor. Fushitaike cleaning agent (unique of added wet agent and penetrating agent, can effective clear water equipment in the by produced of most stubborn of scale (calcium carbonate), and rust scale, and grease, and stick mud, sediment, while not on human caused hurt, not on steel, and copper, and nickel, and titanium, and rubber, and plastic, and fiber, and glass, and ceramic, material produced erosion, and points corrosion, and oxidation, other harmful of reaction, can greatly extended equipment of using life.