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Feasibility analysis of electronic cigarette market in China
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Electronic cigarettes sold abroad began years ago, until now used abroad for so many years, successful foreign experience shows that electronic cigarettes in the internal market, electronic cigarette at least be regarded as a healthy and green products, traditional tobacco smoking is not only harmful but also harm the health of people around, so competition for conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarette is still very strong. At present earn large sums from tobacco tax is the most difficult part of tobacco control, electronic alternative tobacco smoke any of the promising way to go.

Electronic cigarettes have been questioned, that is, achieve the purpose of quitting smoking, no harm to people, through the use of so many people, success is much higher than the other way, harm to people this almost does not exist. The market didn't develop, and most domestic manufacturers of electronic cigarettes electronic cigarette 98% are sold abroad, with the implementation of tobacco control, market prospect is of the electronic cigarette industry, total domestic smoking even more than the population of some countries, so the domestic sale e-cigarette market is feasible.

Financial feasibility analysis

E-cigarette reseller domestic needs huge capital backing, brand advocacy and promotion and product sales preparation stage requires a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources.