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How to buy electronic cigarettes
- Dec 28, 2016 -

First said a known electronic cigarettes don't know it bought smokers want to quit smoking how should I buy it? 

1. you need to know about the structure of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes no matter what the shape, he has three main components: battery, atomizer and smoke oil. Battery powered cigarette Rod atomizer oil atomized to form smog. 

2. understand the smoke composition of the oil. Smoke oil major component is g (propylene glycol), VG (Glycerin), food flavors and nicotine (or not included, mainly to see the consumer choice). These substances are harmless to the human body, after pumping smoke when oil enters the body via the lungs through blood circulation through the excretory system in the end, so you can rest assured that use. Who often oppose what people say of electronic cigarette electronic cigarette danger will still come up with the e-cigarette is there any evidence of harm to, insisted that poisonous, it had to be you bought it used inappropriate or smoking is bad or is using a blend of bad smoke oil.