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- Dec 28, 2016 -

Popular in the United States, Europe's smoking props, inserted into cut tobacco with the spices, lit smoke. Pipe such estimates are smoking the smoking props when the pipe is the first way of smoking. In addition to using this method of pipe-smoking outside, chewing and snuff (SNUFF). Smoke way around after the 16th century from Europe to the world first in Columbus under a sailor jieruizi see Cuban natives smoke, jieruizi take the risk and smoking to Europe, became the first European smoker. Start to appear around various pipes and around this way of smoking until the 19th century, cigarettes (cigarette) popularity so far.

Tobacco appears, first smoke pipe is used, it can be said that pipe is a tool for discovery of tobacco, tobaccos, pipes was born.

History of the pipe, it as an evidence of smoking ever invented by man, for thousands of years without being concerned. Originally the ancient stone pipe, or with a small cone ties the two holes in the ground, a cave in has a fragrant smell and anaesthetic effects of plant leaves, side smoking smokers lay in another hole, or will these plants directly sown on fire, sitting on the edge of combustion smoke inhalation.