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Pipe materials
- Dec 28, 2016 -

After 1660 ad, British life begins to become more well-to-do, leisured, United Kingdom pipe manufacturers began to design more complex pipe production. First there was ceramic long pipe (Churchwarden), followed by a variety of special shape and the different material pipe. In 18th century, silver, ceramics, jade, agate, material pipe. Up to 18th century, most of the pipes are made of silver, porcelain, earthenware, made of materials such as jade and agate. Pipe production technology was fine in this period. Pipe although very beautiful, but not very practical most of the pipe until the sepiolite (Meerschaum) appeared, to make pipe manufacture further. Sepiolite is a white, light ore (a major producer in Turkey), originally used to carve decorations. In the middle of 18th century Paris craftsmen made of sepiolite to pipe their superb artistry, carving out various shapes of pipes, when prices of a pipe up to 50 pounds or more. Subsequently, the United Kingdom's pipe Maker by simpler technology, produced a variety of different shapes of Meerschaum pipes, to reduce production costs.

Initially of pipe just simple of to plant branches or root pulse for material to making of, gradually after people on selection of new attempts to, gradually appeared has variety material of pipe, some with animal bones and angle, some with metal (gold, and silver, and copper, and iron,), also some selection various stone (sepiolite, and limestone,) and various wood, certainly also some is with glass, and pottery, and porcelain, material made of. Pipe material modelling are not the same, but Heather pipe with its unique thermal properties, good performance, and wood clear advantage, becoming the preferred materials for making pipe.

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