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Pipe production process
- Dec 28, 2016 -

A good pipe not only has a very high artistic value and collection value, but as "pipe" an important spiritual paradise. Now pipe back into the love of men, pipe-related websites, clubs, stores, etc. Is pop's pipe is not just a Chinese antique style, came a lot of foreign short handle, big mouth's Western-style pipe.

For players, the pipe is a work of art. Take for instance the material, which is very picky. Pipe material to meet a number of conditions: texture, lightness, resistance to cracking tough; drying, resistant to heat, fire does not burn; lit no smell after long after the stroke texture clear, shiny dazzling ... ...

According to player introduction, stone wood was the preferred material for pipe. "A stone can be used to make pipe wood, usually taken from about 250 years old mature stone Phoebe. "Player ash says," another deep Turkey certain regions more than 30 metres by the end of sepiolite can carve out the shapes of a pipe; and from the United States corn cob smoking a pipe with its unique flavor. ”

Pipe selection of not only harsh, and made the process of wood and stone carving art, silverware, forging process. Total of 5 stages 75 steps to complete full-body shaping and processing. Is said to be young artisans only made twenty or thirty years later, has the power to design the pipe shape. No wonder players find love after the pipe, they love to wear gloves. One expert said: "a ' pipe ' at least seven or eight pipe, smoke a day, at least three days, waiting for them to dry. Not a ' bucket ' is only one pipe. ”