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Pipe selection methods
- Dec 28, 2016 -

According to the pipe ceremonies, pipe should be at least 3 pipe, to meet different needs. Needs strong flavors can select 3MM flue pipe; need pale a little taste you can choose 9MM flue pipe; mild Virginia tobacco suit a w. O. Larsen pipe tobacco you may wish to use strong gene Borek Dunhill pipe. Also, when thinking suitable direct the Heather pipes, meerschaum pipe with bend-when reading more comfortable.

Player said, not several times a day to smoke a pipe, but a finish on one side and let it rest for a day. Hollowed out ash to use specialized tools, pipe cleaning best not to water, can be wiped with whiskey.

In the selection of his pipe, first examine the overall shape of pipes, cigarette holders and bucket handle to align flat chimeric. Then examine the Pot, the entire wall thickness is equal to Bowl at the end of the pipe opening. Better than thin wall thickness, thickness of wall is not easy to burn through, not hot. Then look at the Bowl end of the air intake from the bottom of the Pot to meet, this will completely use tobacco. Finally, inspect cigarette holder. Proposals began playing his pipe people don't start trying to top of tens of thousands of pieces of pipe, corn suitable for beginners, wait for the experience, and then slowly higher purchase price of the pipe.

A pipe is expensive in addition to manual, origin, history and other reasons, a decisive factor is the selection. Pipe with a rare tumor according to the natural shape of the tree made of polished, so that the pipe is rare, if well made, the price is not cheap.

In addition, the hand-made things more and more respected, hand-crafted items value is not the same as the machine production of articles, it would be from the hand of the famous, or designed for someone to do something, value is not the same.

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