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Domestic E-cigarette Consumers Gradually Have
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Electronic cigarettes originated in China, where smoke has been rapid growth later subject to the policy environment, development is limited. Inventor of the electronic cigarette smoke, established in Beijing in December 2003, is the world's first electronic cigarette manufacturers, located in tobacco control, smoking cessation products. Scarce market position after its launch was a huge success, in 2004 sales of as much as 1 billion yuan in 2008, listed in Hong Kong. But because of its excessive emphasis on electronic cigarette quit smoking functions, and the nicotine content in the products were found to significantly exceeded, by the national tobacco Board, administration for industry and Commerce and drug supervision Bureau, the Security Bureau and other departments of the same negative, under pressure of public opinion, brand power decays rapidly. Currently smoke in 56 countries there are still agents, products are sold in more than 100 countries.

The number of smokers in China is the United States about 7 times, domestic electronic cigarette market prospects, billions of market space has yet to be opened. World Health Organization figures show that by the end of 2011, United States smoking population of 53.01 million, only about 1/7 the number of smokers in China, had hit a record of more than $1 billion electronic cigarette market. Faced with 350 million smokers in China, domestic electronic cigarette market worth looking forward to. 2012 national cigarette revenue of 1.15 trillion yuan, the most conservative United States replacement rate of existing 1%, which corresponds to 10 billion electronic cigarette market. Comparing domestic and international market development environment, we believe that the domestic market with the rapid development of electronic cigarette basis, knowledge of electronic cigarettes in the future and try sucking rate will be increased gradually.