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Electronic Cigarette-smoking Principle And Principle
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Simply stated electronic cigarettes are a low pressure micro-spray equipment, spray with tobacco flavor by heating a solution of smoky, for use by the smoker. Is a quit smoking electronic cigarette products, cannot totally replace the real cigarette, smoking addiction, and a real cigarettes are hard to replace.

But the advantages of electronic cigarettes with healthier than traditional cigarettes, became more and more healthy choice fashion. Electronic cigarette to a secondary effect on quitting smoking, is addiction to just substitute a few smoke real cigarettes, and then slowly wean, the main still need perseverance to adhere to.

Electronic cigarettes taste real cigarettes on the market today will be a little gap, generally very sweet, but some e-cigarette liquid manufacturer to bring up the sweet liquid smoke, Dekens electronic cigarette smoke oil production with real taste can close a bit.

Electronic cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes:

1. do not change habits, still puffing away.

2. Refresh, solution of addiction.

So, e-cigarette works is what?

Electronic cigarette works:

1, there is no combustion, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful ingredients, no hazards combustion products and there is no fire hazard.

2, user-friendly design, simulated smoke fog.

3, does not pollute the environment, it sucks out the smog is formed by the nicotine liquid atomization aerosol.

4, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic radiation-free.

5, some say quit uncomfortable, but now high-purity pharmaceutical e-cigarette contains nicotine, according to "nicotine replacement therapy" designed without painful to give up smoking.