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Electronic Cigarette Why Suppress Growth Faster And Faster
- Dec 28, 2016 -

With the development of electronic cigarettes, raising the concern of some Governments, they began to feel the need to regulate electronic cigarettes and control, however could not suppress or block the growth of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette why suppress growth faster and faster? the following will give you a little introduction.

Control is not anti-fuelling:

New Zealand, and Australia, and Canada and other countries believe that electronic cigarettes belong to quit using medical devices and drugs, and put it into the drug regulatory system. This intention was to limit the sale and dissemination of electronic cigarettes, but have the opposite effect, became the God of electronic cigarette advocacy, civil will be interpreted as: electronic cigarette works too well, can direct cure for addiction, in order to control the quality of the product, and thus included in the drug control system. The implementation of this policy, although to a certain extent, affect the import and export of electronic cigarette, e-cigarette deal on the surface began to increase.

Suppress no anti-propaganda:

As electronic smoke industry of ultimate opponents, traditional tobacco industry on electronic smoke of suppressed has been is spare no effort to, from initially of nicotine against said, again to formaldehyde exceeded (normal using Shi not exceeded of) and d II ketone raised popcorn Lung (part bad businesses as, is not all smoke oil will has), tobacco business always from various extreme situation, and very individual of products exists of problem for play, then various unlimited zoom of. Support foreign scientists face the challenge of electronic cigarette, it is through a research and information, tobacco companies are cautious to refute the so-called electronic cigarettes harms and authoritative studies have shown that electronic cigarettes at least far safer than cigarettes, electronic cigarette is once again to the public knowledge.