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Future Technology Reshape The Cigarette Electronic Cigarette
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Zhanmusi·mengxisi said: every 1 billion smokers in the world in the smoke, cigarettes became the most successful consumer products in history. For more than a century, the iconic white truncheons have been "smoking" synonyms. Therefore, Meng Xisi believes that if the tobacco industry had done, is significant.

Meng Xisi says: "the tobacco industry is huge, and is essentially a money-making machine. Therefore, introducing interest shifted from tobacco products does not meet the interests of the tobacco industry. Meng Xisi is located in San Francisco's tobacco Ploom's co-founder and Chief Executive of new ventures. But electronic cigarettes appear and heat are just the smoker desires an indicator of new product electronic cigarette has grown into a $2 billion industry. Meng Xisi believes that smoking is experiencing since the industrial revolution the first real stage of innovation. Because of this, Ploom no convenience store counters common pointed nose in a shiny white electronic cigarette. Is there a more pleasant and healthier, more high-tech approach to tobacco and other substances? Meng Xisi thinks the answer is Yes.

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