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Old E-CIG Thinking
- Dec 28, 2016 -

1, live and learn, electronic cigarette to stop smoking as well?

Think about, since I entered the 50 threshold, all finished faster than most! Talk of quitting smoking age is it nothing? NONONO, quit it though the sooner the better, but as long as they are substances that reduce or eliminate the dangers of tobacco consumption, is good for your health! , Not to mention the reduced risk of various cancers, the risk of heart attack or stroke, or at least not after the finished cigarette, grandchildren are reluctant to make a ~ is more important, setting a model for healthy and active, as long as we try to give up smoking, you will find that the health benefits it brings.

2, there was once an electronic cigarette in front, but gave up long ~

Suddenly accustomed to decades of "old man" say "break break", it is not easy. So older people can smoke electronic cigarettes as an effective cover for a means to minimize exposure to cigarettes, gradually reduce dependence on nicotine and ultimately achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Need to clear is some chain smoker older after briefly tried the electronic cigarette does not feel as good as imagined, not yet adapted to running in this period of transition for the smoke, will give up too early. But if you really want to smoke, it would take time to get used to, stick to their commitments, a smoke-free healthy living opens only from your persistence! After all, good things take time, never too late!

3, well, where is the ignition?

A very common thinking is as high-tech electronic product electronic cigarette, looks forced, and with it must be complex say. But actually, electronic cigarettes really simple, very easy! You don't even need to find lighter or borrow a fire all over, no more secondhand smoke problems; you just have to reserve well in advance that you carry out dry food – tobacco tar, with top electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, nothing could be more simple and convenient!