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On Misunderstanding Of Electronic Cigarette
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Who says, and larger than the hazards of smoking electronic cigarette!

Also questioning the electronic smoke how "shocking"? Many older people believe that electronic cigarettes are tobacco products and derivatives, will still cause the same health problems. But it's really true? E-cigarette 95% lower than the harm of cigarettes, no tar, no carcinogens or other toxins, not only reduces the risk of developing diseases; and releases the mist quickly dissipated in the air, no residual cumulative effects of surrounding air quality, which eliminates lead to health risks for heart disease, stroke and cancer. Billboard electronic cigarette harmful than cigarettes, aim ~

The electronic cigarette is a young man's, and not blind!

If you think electronic cigarette is the only 20-something young people play, you have to go to the store wandering around! In real life, interesting and healthy safe electronic cigarette products knows no age! Lot of 50, 60 or even 70 older smokers, is in fact enjoying electronic cigarettes, especially after they experienced many failures of stop smoking problem. The square dance is a kind of magic, regardless of gender and age, resting which is a beautiful scenery, so does the popular electronic cigarette!

Take a look, says electronic cigarettes will explode in the news!

Although there are few electronic cigarette accidentally exploded, but that does not mean all electronic cigarette products are extremely dangerous. In any case, if the e-cigarette users can follow the safe operation of the product, improper disposal of used batteries to avoid tricks, not the pursuit of so-called machine first, large smoke clouds and low resistance, that is, not worked, in selecting the safety spectrum brands product, hands down "bomb hands" accidents are rare.