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Principle Of The Electronic Atomizer
- Dec 28, 2016 -

The air induction or keys, batteries, connecting nebulizer, heating, smoke oil evaporation, fog effects, achieve results similar to smoking.

Nicotine (from highest to lowest) of liquid smoke, and finally the liquid smoke containing nicotine concentrations of 0, in place of a normal cigarette addiction solution, allowing people to get rid of physical dependence on nicotine, achieved to give up smoking. Referred to as: "nicotine replacement therapy". Market, can now relieve some pain in the process of smoking cessation.

Atomizer structure is a heating components, battery-powered heating, smoke oil next to make it volatile, smog, so that when one reaches the "smoke" effect. Quality mainly depends on its material, hot wire, and technology.

In General smoke bomb is the sucking mouth parts, and some factories in response to customer demand atomizer and cartridge bonded together to make disposable atomizer. The benefit of this is that you can change the color of the suction nozzle and injection by factory professionals, avoid too much or too little causes his injection liquid smoke back into the mouth or flow to the battery corrosion circuits problem, keep smoking oil cartridge than the average, good sealing performance. Brand electronic cigarette factory in Shenzhen, turn nozzle into the soft cigarette holder, this would also solve the electronic cigarette mouthpiece feel too hard questions. However, both disposable atomizer and soft cigarette holder, costs are higher than those of common cartridge.