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Handheld Vaporizer For Dry Herb Weed

Handheld Vaporizer For Dry Herb Weed

Atman Hachi portable vaporizer is the handy size with elegant design in Rose Wood, and built in newest heating element.

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Handheld Vaporizer for Dry Herb Weed


Since Columbus discovered the new land, in fifteenth century, tobaccos have been one of the most significant crop around the world. In the beginning, Many Native American tribes have traditionally grown and used tobacco. Eastern North American tribes historically carried tobacco in pouches as a readily accepted trade item, as well as smoking it, both socially and ceremonially, such as to seal a peace treaty or trade agreement. In some populations, tobacco is seen as a gift from the Creator, with the ceremonial tobacco smoke carrying one's thoughts and prayers to the Creator.

Nowadays China has became the most primary leading provider of tobaccos all around the world. But accord to the researches of health organizations, Nicotine in cigarette is the exact culprit of multiple diseases. Because of this, all countries have strengthened relevant control measures to reduce potential damage. Smokers also begun to look for substitute products. In 2003, a China's pharmacist, Hon lik, invented e-ciggarette, and applied for a patent. A new era starts.

From 2004 to recent 2015, There were more than 70 million users of e-cigarette. But problems followed. Some discusses emerged and governments had to make up new items and departments to administrate such devices. And what more notable is, almost every e-cigarette is made in China, but China's smokers scale is nothing changed. Perhaps it tells us that e-cigarette has not much help on quitting smoke.

Until our Handheld Vaporizer for Dry Herb Weed came out!



e cigarette pipe mod    



Model Name


Battery capacity


Box size





Convection style



Power range


Voltage range


Temperature range

240°C ± 10°C


• Fill the dry herb into the heating chamber.

• Then put the mouthpiece into the hole.

• Click the button 5 times to turn on/off.

• Press the button to smoke .

• If the heating element don’t work, you can replace a new spare one from the kit, with the tool.


1. Full convection dry herb vaporizer

2. Aluminum heating chamber, purer vapor

3. Hidden mouthpiece, dustproof, easy to carry
4. Precise 4 levels of temperature control settings
5. Inserted space container to carry your herbs 

6. Vibration alarm when ready

7. Patent protection

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